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How to Find a Surrogate Mother

In this section we would like to talk about how one can find a surrogate mother, which methods of searching for surrogate mothers are the most preferred, and which methods are positively not recommended to be used.
We proceed on the assumption that you do not wish to simply find a woman that would agree to carry your child, but to find the one woman who would be ideal for that particular task. You can use different methods to try to find a surrogate mother, but, nevertheless, the most sensible method would undoubtedly be to turn to a company that provides full support for the surrogacy programme and has a good reputation in that area.
Before we go into more detail about this particular solution to the problem, however, let us review other possible options for surrogacy programmes.

You can ask a relative or an acquaintance to act as a surrogate mom. If that option is available to you, use it. However, we have to regretfully admit that in the real world there are only a handful of cases when a family member or a friend carries the biological mother's child. The fact is that it is not enough to find a person willing to help you. Surrogacy contract also demands that a person you chose meet the requirements imposed on a surrogate mother.


In order to find a surrogate mother, you can go to one of the IVF clinics that have surrogacy programs. However, more often than not these clinics lack an active database of surrogate mothers, who have undergone a complete examination. In most cases medical centre administrators simply note the phone calls from women, who offer the surrogacy services, but the clinic does not conduct any pre-screening (psychological testing, medical examination). Moreover, it is unlikely that you will be given information about the amount of the compensation that will be due to a surrogate mother. Nowadays, in order to simplify the process of a search for a surrogate mother for the patients, certain clinics have legal firms attached to them. However, we would recommend that you first compare the range and the cost of the services provided by them with what the agencies that specialize in full support for the surrogacy programmes can offer you.


Conducting a surrogate mother search independently on specialized Internet sites or by placement of ads is highly inadvisable. Only women who are in perfect general and reproductive health can participate in the surrogacy programme. A surrogate mother must also be of sound mind and a psychologically well-adjusted woman. Naturally, any preliminary examination or testing by professional psychologists is out of the question, so you might be in for some rather unpleasant surprises down the road. A potential surrogate mother's somatic health can also be far from ideal, despite her assurances. However, before you get the chance to find that out, you will have to pay for the move, the lodging and the examination of that woman in one of the clinics that you trust. And there might be many such claimants.


Contacting private agents that can perform a surrogate mother search for a commission is not much different from the previous option. Such agents do not bear any responsibility for the quality of the services provided, not to mention the fact that they certainly lack any kind of a surrogate mothers database (even if they show you their photographs and try to convince you otherwise). So the subsequent search will be conducted in the same manner (placement of ads offline and in online publications, on specialized forums, etc). In other words, the guarantees and chances of success are the same as with an independent search, the only difference being that you will need to pay money to the agent.


Consequently, if you do not have a relative or an acquaintance that is prepared to carry your baby, we recommend that you refer to a company that provides full professional support for surrogacy contracts.

Taking our company as an example we will give you a list of the advantages that such an option provides.

So, while you think about how to find a surrogate mother, try to make an informed decision. And whichever option for a surrogate mother search you choose, we wish you luck and hope that you will get to meet your baby very soon!

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In this section we would like to talk about how one can find a surrogate mother, which methods of searching for surrogate mothers are the most preferred, and which methods are positively not recommended to be used.

Egg donorship

Egg donorship is used in the course of infertility treatment in cases when a female patients ovarian reserve is depleted (during menopause, for example), or the oocytes are of poor quality and cannot be used in an IVF cycle. As in the case of a surrogate mother search there are several solutions to this problem.


In vitro fertilization technology has been in use all over the world over the past several decades. The chances of becoming pregnant with the help of IVF are increasing, because ART methods are constantly being improved. Nowadays pregnancy after IVF occurs on average in forty percent of cases.