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Our company operates in various areas related to human reproductive health and the use of assisted reproductive technologies, which include full support for the surrogacy program, sperm and oocyte donorship, medical law, and publication of medical literature and magazines.

Our fertility centre provides full support of ART methods

some of surrogacy program

egg donation and sperm donation programs

IVF programs

We are convinced that the surrogacy services provided by fertility center must be carried out on an all-inclusive basis, since it is necessary to take into account all the different legal and medical

Unfortunately, legal firms attached to medical centers or assisted reproductive technologies departments are far from being able to always offer quality support for the procedure. Furthermore, the legal support services they provide at every stage of the procedure might be markedly overpriced.
In creating our agency we strove to ensure that our fertility centre could sustain patronage contracts that provided full support for the surrogacy process. Experience has taught us that, in order to provide quality services in this area, we need to have a focused specialization. This type of fertility centers must employ specialists from different areas, namely: psychologists, lawyers that have a vast practical work experience in this branch of law, doctors, and managers. The center must have an active database of surrogate mothers, who have undergone full psychological testing and full medical examination, and who are ready to take part in the program immediately.

The entire process must be worked out to the smallest detail

Our fertility center allows future parents to not concern themselves about the special features of the procedure: we will take care of everything. The cost of the contracts that we offer already includes the selection of a surrogate mother and the full amount of the compensation that is due to her, including the monthly payments
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we arrange for the surrogate mother's move and lodging

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the IVF program

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the surrogate mother's prenatal care

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the child's delivery in the best medical centers or maternity hospitals

Along with that, the cost of the contract to conduct the surrogacy program includes the resolution of any legal issues that might arise at any stage of the procedure. Our fertility center also provides guest and visa support to a large extent so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

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In this section we would like to talk about how one can find a surrogate mother, which methods of searching for surrogate mothers are the most preferred, and which methods are positively not recommended to be used.

Egg donorship

Egg donorship is used in the course of infertility treatment in cases when a female patients ovarian reserve is depleted (during menopause, for example), or the oocytes are of poor quality and cannot be used in an IVF cycle. As in the case of a surrogate mother search there are several solutions to this problem.


In vitro fertilization technology has been in use all over the world over the past several decades. The chances of becoming pregnant with the help of IVF are increasing, because ART methods are constantly being improved. Nowadays pregnancy after IVF occurs on average in forty percent of cases.