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Surrogacy program with the provision of an oocyte donor and three cryotransfer

The total cost of the Program is 51,000 (fifty-one thousand) US dollars.

The program includes:

  • Providing a surrogate mother from an Agency;
  • Medical examination to prepare oocyte donor for induction of ovulation and egg retrieval;
  • Medical examination to prepare a surrogate mother for embryo transfer;
  • Medications for oocyte donor stimulation in preparation for egg retrieval;
  • Transportation costs of the oocyte donor;
  • Oocyte donor remuneration;
  • Genetic diagnosis of embryos on 24 chromosomes (PGT-A up to 5 embryos by NGS method);
  • Notary expenses for drawing up a contract between potential parents, egg donor and a surrogate mother;
  • Transfer of embryos (up to tree times) of potential parents into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother;
  • Medications for the surrogate mother during the period of preparation for embryo transfer and during pregnancy;
  • Monthly payment to the surrogate mother after confirmation of pregnancy as a result of embryo transfer of potential parents;
  • Pregnancy management (doctor’s consultations, ultrasound and examinations, medications).
  • Transportation and household expenses of the Surrogate mother;
  • Living expenses of a surrogate mother from;
  • Surrogate mother’s delivery costs;
  • Storage of biomaterial of Potential parents until the end of the program.
  • Registration of documents for obtaining a birth certificate of a child / children;
  • The final remuneration of the surrogate mother;
  • Agent’s remuneration.

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In this section we would like to talk about how one can find a surrogate mother, which methods of searching for surrogate mothers are the most preferred, and which methods are positively not recommended to be used.

Egg donorship

Egg donorship is used in the course of infertility treatment in cases when a female patients ovarian reserve is depleted (during menopause, for example), or the oocytes are of poor quality and cannot be used in an IVF cycle. As in the case of a surrogate mother search there are several solutions to this problem.


In vitro fertilization technology has been in use all over the world over the past several decades. The chances of becoming pregnant with the help of IVF are increasing, because ART methods are constantly being improved. Nowadays pregnancy after IVF occurs on average in forty percent of cases.